A foiled attempt of takeover by an Indian car company, much ups and downs, now Jaguar has great plans to take on the new year. Jaguar has plans to introduce soon, A $50,000 Jaguar F-Type two-seat sports car, a coupe version of the new XF sedan and a sporty four-door XK supersedan.

Almost as straightforward to get into production is the XF Coupe. Work already under way on the XF-based two-door incorporates styling cues such as the two-inch-lower roofline of the C-XF concept.

Less likely is an XF convertible, despite interest among U.S. dealers. Engineering studies show a large amount of platform strengthening would be needed, adding weight that would compromise performance. Jaguar also isn’t convinced that sales would justify the investment.


Jaguar got almost taken over by an Indian Motor Company that sells no cars outside India, but part of a very profitable and highly valued conglomerate, the TATA group.

Photo Courtesy Autoweek