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We loved the Cayenne but when Porsche makes cars, they just do it like nobody else and we love even the non sports porches more because they are Porsche. And they listen too, this sedan is not just a beauty it is a delight. The porsche Panamera will now beat the shit out of those […]

2008 Audi TT Convertible

The 2008 model Audi TT comes in a Hatchback Coupe and Roadster. This is almost a luxury sports car with the price tag of about 40K (+- few thousand base on what you want with the base). The name TT means Tourist Trophy, and has been quite a success since its launch in 2000. The […]

Peter Schwarzenbauer, President of Porsche Cars North America, will unveil the 2008 Porsche Cayenne GTS at a breakfast before the public opening of the Chicago Auto Show. Schwarzenbauer will demonstrate how an SUV can be fun to drive and earn a high performance rating in addition to its utilitarian configuration. Many of Porsche‚Äôs latest engineering […]

Porsche makes 200000th Cayenne

Porsche made its 200000th Cayenne, a red GTS, in the Leipzig, Germany factory. The car will be shipped customer in the Middle East. Porsche introduced Cayenne sometime in 2003, and has been on of the most successful lines of this German manufacturer in recent time. USA being the SUV country helped in the success of […]


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