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AMS Nissan GT-R breaks into the 9’s

A highly modified Nissan GT-R done by AMS just broke in the 9’s Drag Racing.  Take a look at the write up over at First Nissan GT-R in the 9’s Drag Racing by AMS

A Twin Turbo Ford GT pushing out close to 1800HP ran 252.97 MPH at the TopGunRun standing 1 mile event in Miami, Florida.  Take a look at this video showing tracking problems at over 120 MPH during the run.  This Ford GT also has a stage nitrous system as well that can push another 100-300 […]

Car servicing and MOT service in the UK

Car servicing and MOT service in the UK Car servicing and MOTs – they’re not always popular subjects; quite often people find it a nuisance and try to bury their heads in the sand when car maintenance is brought up in conversation. However, people aren’t so closed minded that they don’t concede that it is […]


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