I mean your payments will be guaranteed if you have happened to lose your job. Autonation will cover for carpayments for job loss.

The largest U.S. vehicle dealership announced today on FOX Business Network it plans to cover six months of car payments for recently laid-off consumers.

They will be rolling this out in Florida and then later launch in the whole country. With the credit crunch still going bad and many dealerships out of business, we are not sure if this is a great move by Autonation. This practice is catching up fast and earlier Hyundai also announced that if someone was laid off within 1 year of purchasing the car, they could return the car.

In India it was announced by some state owned banks that they will try to work something out for homeloan borrowers if they got laid off.

There are some companies that have also guaranteed car finance even for people with bad credit which is good since many people’s credit score have plunged and they could use such bad credit car finance even if you have foreclosed.