Forget stocks, forget even domaining (unless you have a domain like, the real money is in classic cars. Look at this lists of some classic cars and the price they can fetch.

1967-69 ALFA ROMEO TIPO 33/2 STADALE ($1 MILLION AND UP): If this gorgeous, low-slung fiberglass body car — Alfa’s second mid-engine auto — seems to cost a lot, consider that you could have bought one of the 18 built (to certify it for racing) for $650,000-$680,000 in 2005.

1970 AMC REBEL MACHINE ($14,500): Nobody really took muscle cars from defunct American Motors Corp. seriously until fairly recently. But the mid-size Rebel coupe finally is getting its day in the sun. It had a big 390-cubic-inch V-8 with 340 horsepower hooked to a four-speed manual transmission and such items as a hood scoop, sport suspension and patriotic red, white and blue plaint scheme. Quite the dude, this one.

1960-63 ASTON MARTIN DB4GT ZAGATO (MILLIONS AND MILLIONS): The classic car price guides simply say “value not estimable,” which means you better be Ralph Lauren or Donald Trump before you even consider one of the 19 built. In 2005, this Aston was valued at $2 million to $3 million, and is worth far more now. It was a special high-performance British Aston with a voluptuous body by Italy’s famous Zagato exotic car design outfit. Some feel it’s the most desirable Aston road/racing model ever built. It had a 314-horsepower engine, which whisked it to 153 mph. Even James Bond had to settle for a regular 1963-65 Aston Martin DB5.

1935 AUBURN 851 “BOATTAIL” SPEEDSTER ($161,000): This is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful cars of all time — and only sold for $2,245 in 1935. It was styled by the legendary Gordon Buehrig, engineered by August Duesenberg (of Duesenberg fame) and directed by talented Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg president Harold Ames. It resembled a classic, fast 1930s watercraft with its tapered tail and pontoon fenders. Its supercharged inline eight-cylinder engine generated 150 horsepower, when the sensational “hot” new Ford V-8 produced 90 horsepower.

1952-55 BENTLEY R-TYPE CONTINENTAL ($180,000): James Bond drove a Bentley (at least in the Bond adventure books) before he got an Aston Martin in the movies. This hand-built Bentley had a sleek four-seat coupe body with exquisite lines and a sloping rear end. It could do 90 mph all day with its strong six-cylinder engine. Only 208 were built.

1966-69 BIZZARRINI ($165,000): Italian Giotto Bizzarrini, who did great work for Ferrari and Lamborghini, built this sleek, child-high, 145-mph sports car, which looks like nothing else. Bizzarrini gave it a powerful Chevrolet Corvette V-8 for reliability, although he had designed the Lamborghini V-12 engine used for more than 40 years. About 100 Bizzarrinis were built.

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If you are a little short on the cash, you can always go for a replica of the classic. But even the Replica of a 1967 Alfa Romeo could set you down by a few hundred thousand.