The cayenne GTS

With rising oil prices raising concerns in the motor world, and with sales of major Auto Companies seeing a slump, Porsche, our favorite Sports car manufacturer who have goven us the 911 sports car has reported a rise in sales. Sales for the period through May 31 increased to 6.02 billion euros ($9.33 billion) from 5.98 billion euros a year earlier which is a 0.7 percent rise, when every Au company is expected to report a slump in sales.

What is more surprising is that the sales boost was due to increased sales of an SUV. They have made more sales of the Cayenne SUV. SUV are considered oil guzzlers but every body still loves an SUV, and when you get a Fuel Efficient SUV, it takes for a winning combination, and it was the fuel efficient Cayenne Models that have boosted the earnings.

Our favorite, the cayenne GTS in the picture above comes for Approx $ 69,300.00, and quite powerful with 405 hp @ 6,500 rpm, 0-60 mph: 5.7 sec. and a Top Track Speed: 157 mph.