British Motor company Morgan is unveiling the world’s first pollution-free sports car at the Geneva Motor Show, and wait it just ain’t green it looks futuristic.. oh but then all green cars are, but this one is a show stealer.

Welcome the Morgan LifeCar.

The little company’s LifeCar is powered by hydrogen and backed by the Government, world-class universities and hi-tech companies.

Bearing in mind the car’s £120,000 price tag – and with hydrogen fuel being in such scarce supply – it is unlikely to make much of an impression on the market at the moment.
Hydrogen from the fuel cell combines with oxygen taken from the air outside in an electro-chemical reaction.

The electricity produced is used to power the car and the only waste product is water vapour.

Until now such technology has been the preserve of the likes of BMW, Ford and General Motors, which owns Vauxhall.

The top speed of this SPORTS car is only 90 MPH, but then it is pollution free, and it sure has the looks of a sports car with zero emission.

The LifeCar is based around the structure of the existing Aero 8.

Source [dailymail]