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Unless you have a Red Sports car like I do. They charge you more
Insurance on a Red car you see. I am just kidding. About the color
that is. Red car or Grey, it is the best time to lower your car
Insurance If you have not already done so. It is the best time because
rates will be no lower any time soon, and there are several websites
and tools at your disposal to do a comparative research of various
insurance carriers and chose what is best for you, or the lowest
premium as the case might be. Why are the premiums the lowest now?

Insurance companies, or for that matter, every company that needs
money to run their business have been finding it hard to borrow money
from the banks for several months now and they need all the sources of
cash they can get their hands on. Because of the recession people are
just not buying cars and new cars, which is largest source of premium
income for the Auto Insurers have dried. So they are dying to grab
your business. Any new business is welcome.

The recession have also hit hard the insurance distributors and sales
persons and they would do anything to get your business. This is the
buyers market now. You can get to pick and chose and negotiate and
then negotiate some more to lower your insurance. You could check out
the rates of several companies and then lower your auto insurance
rates by researching your current policy
to see if you are already
having a good rate. Once you have determined that you can approach a
company or an agent and start negotiating.

Remember to have all the information you need so that you can show
them what you already got or what others have to offer and then
negotiate for the best rates.
All the best