Chevrolet classic muscle cars were at the center of the classic cars period of American large cubic inch high performance motors. The essential theme of the muscle car was extreme performance for minimum amount of money. This classic car concept played to Chevrolet’s strength as a premium producer of striking and affordable muscle cars for sale.
Chevrolet produced the most extensive and most admired collection of muscle cars of any manufacturer throughout the 1960s – 1970s. Chevrolet had authority as a performance-car builder due to its small-block V-8 that debuted in 1955. This V8 was a favorite of drag racers, and its role in the success of the Corvette swayed any lingering doubters that Chevrolet knew how to produce fast cars.
It was the well-known 409-cid V-8 that did as much for Chevrolet’s muscle car representation. Introduced in 1961, it’s most captivating home was the new lmpala Super Sport, which could be setup with a 360 horsepower 409. A dual four-barrel carburetor choice for 1962 brought 1 HP per cubic inch to this dominant V8, and soon after the 409’s produced up to 425 HP.
Chevrolet’s offering in the midway lines was the Chevelle, and its Super Sport revision became one of the most-popular classic muscle cars of all time. The Chevelle SS was initially offered with 283- and 327-cid small-block V-8s with up to 300 bhp. In 1965, a 375-bhp 396-cid big-block was installed in just over 200 Chevelles, and the muscle car competition was on. The Chevelle was so popular that even the car owners manuals are collectors items.
The Chevelle SS 396 became a break away model in 1966, and more than 72,000 were produced that year. The Chevelle SS power peaked for 1970 with the 450-bhp LS6 adaptation of the 454-cid V-8. The LS6 SS 454 Chevelles were among the quickest and fastest classic cars ever built.