This is the quickest of the superlight series of Caterham sports cars. The Superlight R400 come s with a 210 bhp. The base Superlight Model comes with 150bhp, the Superlight R300 is 160bhp.

The Caterham 7 Superlight is built around Colin Chapman’s ethos of ‘add lightness’ from the times of the Lotus 7.

The Superlight R400 has a 210bhp 2 litre Duratec engine and is wrapped in the lightweight frame of the standard chassis. This 2007 model year R400 is an update on the 2002 original, and is based on the ‘C400’ race car used in the Caterham Superlight Challenge and Eurocup race series in 2006. In every race of 2006, the C400 has proven itself to be substantially quicker than the K-Series R400.